take me back

Do it for you. Dont go through life living in another shadow. Get to know yourself. Spend time alone. Realize what really makes you happy. Hang around people who respect you have the like mind as you. make sure you always put your happiness above all. Listen to music like this. Thinking to deep isnt a bad thing. 

Today i had a conversation with a friend about how things use to be. Beck when you went out of the house with no plans, no agenda, nothing. You went out the house just to be out the house. Somehow those days made people the happiest. Made me the happiest. Growing up made me smarter, more aware, and a really deep independent thinker. Everyday i wish i could take that all back for the same mind i had as a 12 year old kid living life with no care in the world. Life was so much simpler back then. So much easier. Thing never got to deep. Friendships healed over night. We didnt know anything back then. We shouldnt know anything now. Just imagine the world if everyone never grew up.